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Follow the steps below to remove your Prettii.Amazin Lashes 

Dissolve Glue


Loosen Lash Adhesive

Take a cotton swab and dab some oil free makeup remover on it. Then rub the cotton swab along the lash band. By doing this for a few second the adhesive will being to dissolve causing the lash to loosen up.


Gently Remove Lashes


Gently Remove Lashes

Gently push down the lashes by the band area. If you notice any resistance, repeat the steps for loosen the lash adhesive. The lash band should come off your eye very easy. Avoid pulling the band or tugging on the individual strands of the lash hairs. 


Remove Glue From Lashes


Removing Adhesive from Lashes

Gently rub off any left over lash adhesive from the lash band with a q-tip or cotton swab dipped in oil-free makeup remover. This will keep your lashes lightweight and flexible, extending the life and comfort of your lashes. 


Store Safely

Store Safely

Keep your lashes in Prettii.Amazin condition by storing them in their original casing after use,to prevent any unwanted dust, dirt, or debris from collecting.